Create Shade For The Outdoor Dining Area Of Your Restaurant With An Awning

If you want to create additional dining space for your restaurant, consider adding a patio to the side or back of the building. Outdoor seating is very appealing to many diners and does not cost a lot of money to create. When you create the outdoor dining area, you need to be sure that you create shade for your guests. A great way to create shade is with an awning. The following guide provides you with tips to use when choosing what awning you want to have installed over your outdoor dining area.

Choose How Large You Want the Awning to Be

First, you need to take measurements to determine how wide and how long you want the awning to be. You want to be sure that it can provide shade to as many customers as possible at one time.

Choose If You Want the Awning to be Fixed or Retractable

Next, you need to choose if you want to have an awning created that stays open all of the time or if you want an awning created that can be closed when it is not in use. Retractable awnings are significantly more expensive than a stationary awning.

Choose How You Want the Awning to Operate

If you want the awning to be retractable, you need to consider if you want to be able to open and close it with the push of a button or if you don't mind hand cranking it open and closed as needed. While a powered retractable awning is easier to use, the additional cost may not be worth paying to you.

Choose How You Want the Awning Designed

You also need to choose how you want the awning to be designed. You can choose whatever colors you want for the awning. Be sure that they will pair well with the other colors that you have in your restaurant so that it has a seamless look when it is finished. You may want to have your restaurant name or logo added to the awning, as well so that it can serve as advertising when it is open and people walk by the restaurant.

Once the awning is created, have the company install it for you. The technicians will be able to install it properly so that you can rest assured that it will not accidentally fall from the building while you have customers eating under it.