Ideas For Converting A Basement Room Into A Home Office

If you're interested in having a home office for full- or part-time work, one of the first spots that you'll consider is your basement. Unfortunately, many homes' unfinished basements aren't exactly conducive to an office setup, which may mean that you settle for a desk placed in the corner of the main basement room. Instead of settling, hire a remodeling contractor to discuss your vision for the space. Some work from this professional can leave you with a suitable home office that allows you to have privacy and be productive. Here are some ideas for adding a home office to your basement.

Use A Separate Room

In some unfinished basements, there's just one large room. In others, there may be a large room and a couple smaller rooms. It's logical to select one of the smaller rooms for your home office, space permitting. If this isn't possible or functional, you'll want the remodeling contractor to build a separate room in the large one. This isn't as difficult as it might seem. It's simply a matter of installing framing for walls, covering them with drywall, adding a door, and running some electricity into the space. When you work at home, it's handy to have your own space that you can close off to avoid getting distracted.

Have A Floor Put Down

An unfinished basement characteristically has a cement floor, which might be fine for the bulk of the basement. For your home office, however, you'll want to have some manner of flooring. Laminate flooring works well, as it's relatively inexpensive to buy and quick for the remodeling contractor to put down for you. Another option is tile; its key advantage in the basement is that your contractor can install heating coils beneath it, which will make your home office warm and inviting instead of cold and inhospitable during the winter months.

Get Shelving Installed

While you can get your own shelving units and place them along the walls of your home office, it will provide more of a professional feel if you have your remodeling contractor build and install shelving for you. Having your shelving mounted to the walls adds a permanent quality to the space, which can make you feel more settled and established when it's time to get to work. Depending on the size of the office and your personal tastes, you can go with open shelving or enclosed shelving.

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