Three Signs That You Need Replacement Glass For Your Windows

Are you concerned about a window in your home? If most of your windows and the frames are in good condition, you may not be in the market for all new windows. Yet, there may be a window or two in your home that is giving you cause for concern. Fortunately, you can simply replace the glass in these problem windows instead of dealing with the expense of all new windows. The following are signs that you should probably consider this repair.

#1: There are drafts around the frame

Drafts can occur around a window for many reasons, so make sure the issue is with the glass before having it replaced or repaired. A common source of drafts is when the weatherstripping around the window fails. This is an inexpensive fix, since you can purchase new stripping and apply it yourself quite easily. It's time to replace or fix the glass when the leak is between the glass and the frame. Look first at the glazing, which is the caulk that holds the glass inside the frame. If it is missing, crumbling, or otherwise damaged, you need to have the glass replaced or reglazed. Another way to check is to close the window and have one person pass a blowdryer around the frame. A second person stays on the opposite side and feels for air passing through so they can determine where the leak is coming from.

#2: Condensation is collecting inside a non-fixed window

Insulated windows provide more energy efficiency, but if the seal breaks you lose the efficiency and moisture often collects between the glass. When this occurs within a fixed window, you usually have to have the entire window and frame replaced. Fortunately, there is another option if it occurs on a sliding or other non-fixed frame window. If you want to keep the insulated window, you can have a new sash with insulated glass in placed installed into the existing frame. If the insulation isn't important to you, simply have the old insulated glass removed from the sash and replace it with a single pane of glass.

#3: You can't get the window clean

Scratches and etching are most often caused by improper cleaning, so first and foremost never use any type of abrasive sponge, cloth, or cleaner on your windows. Once a window has been scratched it will not look clean and clear again. You may be able to have the glass buffed, which will temporarily fix the issue but it will soon begin to look foggy or dingy again. The best solution is to have the scratched glass replaced. This is also the only realistic solution if there are small chips or cracks in the glass, perhaps from hail or blowing sand. Once again, you don't have to have the frame replaced, just the glass.

For more help, contact a window contractor in your area.