2 Home Treatments for Removing Old Water Stains from Your Hardwood Floor

If you have an old, noticeable water stain on your home's hardwood floor, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to remove it, or at the very least, reduce its appearance. If so, below are a couple of treatments you can try using ingredients you may have already have in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.

1.  Treat the Stain with Vinegar and Oil

This first treatment method for removing water stains on your hardwood floors using a combination of white distilled vinegar and olive oil. While this may sound more like the base of a salad dressing, the vinegar can be effective at breaking up old water stains, while the olive oil restores moisture to the wood.

To use this treatment, mix together equal amounts of vinegar and oil. Make enough to cover the stain with a thick layer. Once you have your mixture, apply it directly to the wood, then let it work for about an hour.

Once the hour is up, use a piece of stiff cardboard or a wide putty knife to remove the excess treatment. Then, use a clean cotton cloth to work the residue into the wood. After another half hour, use another clean cloth to buff the area dry.

2.  Spread Mayonnaise on the Stain

Another treatment you can use to remove old water stains on your wood floors is to spread mayonnaise on the surface. When choosing your mayo, however, make sure you use one that has full fat as opposed to reduced fat, at the extra oil is needed to moisturize the wood.

Because everything you need for the treatment is already in the mayonnaise, you can directly apply it to the wood without mixing anything. Just as with the previous method, you should put on a thick layer and let it sit for about an hour.

However, periodically check to see if the mayo has dried. If it has, apply a little more. If the treatment dries, it will not be as effective at pulling out the stain. Once the hour is up, remove the excess, work the residue into the wood, and buff dry.

Even if the above methods do not completely remove the stain, they can help minimize its appearance. However, if you have multiple stains, you may never be able to restore the overall beauty of your hardwood floor by simply treating each individual stain. Instead, you may want to consider containing services like Kenton Carpet Care that offer hardwood floor refinishing services to discuss your options for removing the stains and restoring the entire floor.