Family Photos – Making A House Feel Like A Home

One of the easiest ways to make a house feel like a home is to add some family photos to the décor. If you've recently moved into your house and want it to feel more like your home, you can do it much faster than you might think. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get some family photos out, displayed, and giving you the comforts of home.

Wall-Hanging Photos

Hanging photos on the wall is much easier today than it once was, especially if the walls are finished with drywall. Companies like Janco Products LLC carry 20 packs of tool-free picture hooks to hang all of the pictures in your collection. Unlike the hammer and nails technique used by many, these tool-free hooks don't need to be pounded into place – they don't even need to be lined up with the stud hidden behind the drywall. Instead, you just position the hook where you want the picture to hang and press it firmly into the drywall. Once it's pressed in place, hang the picture on the hook – easy as pie.

When buying the hooks, make sure that you're reading the weight limitations for each product. Some hooks are designed to support lightweight frames, but others will sustain up to 20 pounds, without requiring any additional support. So, if you have a large mirror or photo collage frame, you'll probably want to choose a hook with a greater weight limitation and smaller hooks to use for the individual framed photos.

Pixie Lights and Clothes Pins

Another way to display a whole lot of family photos without putting too much effort into the project is to get yourself a long strand of pixie lights and a bag of clothes pins. Just hang the strand of lights across a wall. Then, use the clothes pins to attach the photos to the light strand. This will provide an interesting and warm glow filled with the memories that you cherish.

Purchase Collage Frames

If you have a lot of photos but don't want to have to worry about dusting a hundred picture frames, look into collage frames. These collage frames can be found in various sizes, shapes and forms – you can find one to hold many, many pictures, or a small one that will sit on the end-table with just a few of your favorites. This will make it possible to display a whole lot of pictures, without too much work.

Get started, today. By this time next week, you can have the homey feel that you've been wanting, without too much work involved.