Use Glass Spheres To Decorate Your Home's Interior

Hand blown glass is used to create spheres that possess shimmery, veined, or solid-hued surfaces. Spheres can be used to complement greenery, to design a unique centerpiece, or to create individual displays.

Complimentary Accents

A set of silver, gold, or multi-colored spheres will naturally draw your eyes to a flowering plant display. Purchase a wooden planter or a wagon wheel planter that contains a few separate wood pedestals that can be used to display larger plant varieties.

Reserve some of the space on the display for a series of glass spheres. Some glass sphere sets include wooden or metal dowel holders, which can be used as perches for the spheres. Inspect the stability of each holder, especially if you will be purchasing glass spheres that are lightweight.

If the spheres are going to be displayed on a planter's top shelf, use a cover that contains a grip-like surface to anchor the base of each dowel. This will prevent the display pieces from tipping over and potentially damaging the glass spheres.

A Colorful Centerpiece

Spheres that are different colors and textures can be used to create basket centerpieces that can be enjoyed during special occasions. Red and green spheres can be used in a Christmas design and a series of pink spheres can be used to create a springtime basket or one that is representative of Valentine's Day.

You will not need independent holders for the spheres, since they will all be piled together in a basket. Purchase wicker or handwoven basket. Lay a piece of cotton batting in the bottom of the basket.

Carefully place the spheres inside of the basket. Use holly sprigs, pinecones, artificial flowers, and ribbon to accent the centerpiece. When you would like to change the theme of the centerpiece, exchange some of the glass spheres for others that are in your collection and use new accent pieces to support the theme of the basket. 

Individual Displays

Large or small glass spheres can be used to create individual displays that are in one room or many rooms in your home. For a display that is uniform, purchase similar sphere sizes, colors, and textures. Purchase an individual holder for each glass piece.

Line the holders up on a flat surface, prior to placing the spheres on top of them. For displays that will be set up in various rooms, purchase a group of spheres that are unique in size and that contain many colors or textures. 

For more information on glass sphere sets, contact a local home and garden store.