Adding A Sunroom To Your House

Depending on your preferences, the addition of a sunroom to your house can be an upgrade that has the potential to improve the comfort of you and your family, increase the value of the house, and provide a place to enjoy the views of your property. If your home does not have a sunroom and you are considering adding one, knowing the truth about some basic myths about these rooms and be enlightening as you make your choice.

Myth: A Sunroom Will Always Add Major Strain To The Home's HVAC System

While it is true that many people will use their sunroom as somewhere they can enjoy natural light and warmth, they may want to limit the risk of the heat from this room making other areas too warm. This can be an understandable concern during the summer. Luckily, there are design and material choices that you can choose for your sunroom that will greatly limit the amount of unwanted heating that occurs. One of these options will involve the glass panes that are used during the construction of this room. Opting for energy-efficient glass can limit the amount of heat that passes into the sunroom. Furthermore, you can choose to place additional insulation along the shared walls of the sunroom to limit the heat from spreading.

Myth: A Sunroom Addition Will Take A Long Time To Complete

Any type of addition to your home can be a sizable project to undertake, and you will likely have to endure some degree of disruption. When it comes to installing a sunroom, this is among the quickest additions that can be made to a home. This is especially true for those that are used a sunroom kit to complete this addition as there may be little to no design work needed. In these instances, this process may only take a few days to complete.

Myth: The Light In The Sunroom Will Be Too Intense During The Midday Hours

During the midday hours, the amount of sunlight entering this room can be very intense. Not surprisingly, individuals may want to limit the amount of direct sunlight that is entering overhead during these hours. Many modern sunrooms can include automated blinds and panels that can be closed to block the sun when it is too intense from a particular direction. The inclusion of these features can slightly increase the costs of the sunroom addition, but the enhanced functionality can be worth it for keeping this room a comfortable place for you to be.

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