Rain, Rain, Go Away: 3 Reasons To Waterproof Your Basement

Every year, scores of homeowners are affected by the detrimental effects of water damage. Whether from a flash flood to an overgrowth of mold, water damage is nothing a homeowner wants to deal with. Luckily, professionals are available to ensure that your home is completely protected by waterproofing your basement. And in case you're not sure about having this done, there are definitely some benefits you'll want to consider. Here are three reasons why waterproofing your basement is the best decision you can make for your home.

Prevent Flood Damage

When most people think of what waterproofing a basement entails, they will typically think of flood damage. Understandably, water damage caused by flooding can wreak havoc on any home and spell out significant issues for the homeowner. From damaged furniture and fixtures to a compromised foundation, water damage is nothing to play around with when it comes to your basement. If you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather, heavy rains, and flash floods, waterproofing your basement is an absolute must and the best way to safeguard the lower levels of your home. 

Your Best Bet Against Mold

While the cleanup process of water damage is certainly a chore, extra precautions must be taken when it comes to dealing with mold. Basements are notoriously prone to mold as they often harbor a dark, moist environment. Even if you don't use your basement on a daily basis, it's important to ensure that mold is nowhere to be seen. The overgrowth of mold can lead to serious health consequences for your home's residents and this should be looked at as a safety issue foremost. A waterproofed basement will inhibit the growth of mold in your home, as well as provide a safe living environment. 

Increase the Value of Your Home

Waterproofing your basement will be an excellent investment and not just for your benefit. Whenever you decide to sell your home, a waterproofed basement will be extremely appealing to buyers and can even raise the value of your home by a significant amount. Buyers who are in the market for a home in your area will no doubt be impressed by the safeguarding of your basement and will feel an immediate sense of ease when it comes to dealing with potential water damage. Just be sure to keep any paperwork regarding the waterproofing process as proof of the work completed and you will be good to go.

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