The Old And The New: Tips For Fitting A Modern Kitchen Into An Old House

A current trend in home renovations is to contrast old, historic features in buildings with new, modern fixtures and furnishings. Nowhere in the home is this trend more noticeable than in the kitchen. If you have an older home but want the beauty and convenience of an ultra-modern kitchen, here are some kitchen design tips that can help you come up with the perfect custom fit for your taste.  Pick One or Two Old Elements to Highlight [Read More]

2 Ways to Get Rid of Toilet Clogs

A clogged toilet on Christmas isn't exactly the present that everyone is looking for. If you are dealing with a clogged toilet, there are things that you can do that may be able to help you unclog the toilet. One may not work on its own, but the combination of various methods may work enough for a plumber to get to you.  Dish Soap You will have noticed over the years that dish soap is slippery and heavier than water. [Read More]

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wood Stove

When temperatures begin to fall, a wood stove can be a great source of warmth and comfort. Wood stoves can be used both indoors and outdoors and are a great addition to the home. While many homeowners are enticed by the thought of a roaring fire, purchasing a wood stove does require some thought. There are various options to choose from when it comes to wood burning stoves. Here are three things to consider before purchasing a wood stove. [Read More]

6 Basic Products For Anyone Who Is New To Makeup

If you are ready to start wearing makeup for the first time, you could be a bit overwhelmed by all of the products that are out there. You could be wondering which products you should get started with for your collection. Of course, you can start with as few or as many products as you want, but these are a few basic products that you might want to purchase to start out your collection: [Read More]