Fencing Ideas To Maintain Your View

For some homeowners, maintaining privacy is key — they don't want anyone peering into their backyard. Perhaps you have a pretty view from your yard, and you don't want it obscured by fencing. Or perhaps the opposite is true — you've spent a lot of time on your yard and want it visible to passersby. Whatever the reason, you prefer less visible fencing. Choose a fencing option that enhances the view while maintaining the borders of your yard.

Picket Fencing

White picket is a classic fencing material. As the Landscaping Network points out, picket fences are typically three feet tall and used for front yard fencing. Because the fencing is so low, it doesn't obstruct your view. What's more, it can enhance your landscaping and even your house's overall curb appeal. Wood is the standard material, though it does require some maintenance. Another option is vinyl picket fencing, which offers the same look with little to no maintenance required.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing goes beyond the classic picket fence. Naturally, you may think of privacy fencing, which doesn't maintain the view. However, you can have your fence constructed of lattice screens, which offer clear visibility. It's even possible to train plants to climb the lattice screens, though you'll want to talk to your fencing contractors about the best way to approach this while maintaining the integrity of the fence. Another option is split rail fencing, which consists of horizontal rails between the posts.

Chain Link

Chain link is one of the most popular fencing options, and with good reason. It tends to be a budget material. What's more, it's relatively easy to install. Essentially, contractors install the posts then roll out the chain link "fabric" and affix it to the posts. Standard chain link is galvanized steel, but you can choose vinyl coating in white, black, green, or brown. It's also possible to have chain link fencing that's been powder coated, which significantly increases the color options. Because of the open links, this type of fencing is very unobtrusive. If you really want it to recede into the background, consider green chain links, which will blend with landscaping.

Wrought Iron

On the other end of the spectrum is wrought iron fencing, which is considered a luxury material. It's very sturdy. Like chain link, it can come with limited vinyl coating colors or almost unlimited powder coating colors. Black is the traditional, though. Wrought iron styles range from ultra-modern to historical. More traditional styles offer the characteristic curves and whorls you see in front of historical homes. Modern styles offer straight pickets with simple finials. Either style allows viewing through the fencing, though modern is less obtrusive.

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