The Old And The New: Tips For Fitting A Modern Kitchen Into An Old House

A current trend in home renovations is to contrast old, historic features in buildings with new, modern fixtures and furnishings. Nowhere in the home is this trend more noticeable than in the kitchen. If you have an older home but want the beauty and convenience of an ultra-modern kitchen, here are some kitchen design tips that can help you come up with the perfect custom fit for your taste. 

Pick One or Two Old Elements to Highlight

When you first begin your renovation, it can be hard to know where to start. You might see charming elements of the room that should all be preserved, but some of it has to go in order to provide the contrast you are looking for. First, choose one or two major antique features that you really want to shine in the design. 

For example, if the home has beautiful heart of pine flooring, you might keep these floors and plan the rest of the kitchen design around it. Exposed brick from the original walls is another popular feature that people choose to keep. You might also consider keeping crown or plaster molding in the room and corner protectors.

Elements that might be removed include original cabinets—don't tear these apart. You can use them in another area of the house or sell them if they are in good shape. These cabinets often have amazing craftsmanship. You can also sell old cast iron antique sinks, fixtures, or ceiling medallions. 

Choose a Timeless Cabinet Color

Now the time for contrast is here: your cabinets can be the modern element in your kitchen. When you've preserved the walls, moldings, and floors, you basically prep a canvas for modern design. However, you still want to give a nod to the timeless nature of your home. 

Avoid trendy, bold, bright colors for your cabinets. Instead, choose a modern cabinet door design. Flat fronts are sleek with clean, straight lines. White, black, or navy blue will age well, allowing your kitchen to look as beautiful in ten years as it will on the day your renovation is complete. 

Finish with a modern countertop that still gives a nod to classic design. White marble or black granite would make an excellent choice. Quartz flecked with bits of color can also add some interest. 

Pick a Trendy Accent

Accents are where you can afford to get more trendy. Backsplash tiles, door handles and pulls, or even light fixtures can be more crazy and colorful. You might choose, for instance, a set of drop lights with asymmetrical angles to contrast the smooth, clean lines of the cabinets and the predictable rustic craftsmanship of the flooring or crown molds. Brass or rose gold pulls are quite trendy for kitchens right now, and because your design is classic, you can afford to add this touch of popularity. If these go out of style, changing the hardware will be simple down the road. 

Add Lighting

Finally, lighting in your kitchen can make all the difference. Lights will not only show off the beauty of your new cabinets and countertops, but when placed well, they also give extra attention to the architecture you're highlighting. For example, if you have an exposed brick wall, under-cabinet lights shine down, illuminating shadows and colors in the bricks along the wall. You can also add lights above old windows to show off stained glass, or you can have lights meant to reflect in the high-gloss finish of your cabinets.

A modern cabinet design in an old home can be a stunning design choice. Contact a company that provides modern cabinet design services for more ideas.