Three Landscaping Ideas To Implement At Your Cottage

It's common for homeowners to hire landscaping professionals to keep their yards looking perfect, but this isn't the only dwelling that can benefit from landscaping help. If you own a cottage and enjoy spending time there each summer with family and friends, you will also want the property to look its best. Generally, cottage properties are a little more rustic in appearance than residential properties, but you can still hire a local landscaping service in the area to tackle some projects for you. Here are three landscaping ideas that you may wish to implement at your cottage.

Access To The Water

Depending on the layout of your cottage property, getting to the water could be easy or have a few challenges. In the latter scenario, a landscaping service can be a valuable ally. There are many different ways that a professional landscaper can improve access to the water for you, your family, and your guests. If your property slopes steeply down toward the water, a set of wooden stairs built into the slope can be ideal. If your property is wooded and your family needs to fight its way through overgrown brush to get to the water, your landscaper can trim away the overgrowth and put down stone dust to build a legitimate walkway.

Breakfast Area

One of the best things about going to the cottage is spending time outside, and this often includes eating outdoors. While you and your family may gather around the grill and sit at a picnic table for lunch and dinner, it can be pleasing to have a quieter spot for breakfasts with your significant other. An intimate breakfast spot several paces away from the cottage — perhaps accessible by a quaint path, with wildflowers growing around it — can give you a nice secluded area to sip your coffee each morning.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a project that many landscaping professionals can tackle for those who live on waterfront property. This hardscape structure has multiple benefits. For starters, it prevents the erosion or dirt, grass, and sand, which is critical if you want to maintain the shape of your land along the edge of the water. Additionally, a retaining wall can be pivotal toward creating a nice area for your family to swim and fish. Speak to a local landscape maintenance service to discuss the above projects and any others that you feel your cottage property may need.