Smart Reasons To Consider Residential Awnings For Your Older Home

The best home improvement projects are the ones that will add both beauty and value to your home. If the project can also solve a problem for you as a homeowner or help you enjoy greater comfort from your home, then the project becomes even more of a success. But determining which project will offer the most benefits can be difficult, especially if your home, like many others, is an older one. One home improvement project possibility that can offer some excellent benefits for an older home is the addition of residential awnings. 

Older homes may be less energy efficient than newer, more modern designs

Cooling costs for an older home are often higher than those of a comparably sized newer one. This happens for a number of reasons, including: 

  • design issues that make cooling the home more difficult, such as high ceilings
  • aging HVAC and ducts that may limit the flow of cooled air throughout the home
  • insufficient insulation to prevent the loss of conditioned air to the outside of the home

While all of these problems can certainly contribute to higher heating and cooling costs, older homes may also have large windows that may not have been updated to newer, high-efficiency models. By adding residential awnings to the home, these non-thermal windows are sheltered from the hottest rays of the summer sun, helping to keep the inside of the home cooler, without overworking the HVAC system.

Older homes may need some additional curb appeal 

Another problem that older homeowners often have to deal with involves the appearance of their home. Since many older homes have undergone a series of additions and renovations in their lifetime, their exterior may no longer be as attractive as it should be. Different sizes or styles of windows are one tell-tale sign of this problem. Installing residential awnings, however, can help to draw attention away from these jarring differences and allow existing windows to look much more similar and provide a consistent decorative accent. 

To learn more about residential awnings and how they would benefit your older home, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable awnings supplier in your area. They will be able to show you samples of materials, colors, and designs and help you choose awnings that will enhance your home. While some awnings are designed for permanent installation, homeowners who prefer to use them seasonally may also want to discuss the installation of retractable awnings during this visit.

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