Exterior Home Improvement Projects On Your To-Do List? 3 Reasons To Choose Composite Decking

Home renovation projects are a top contender on many summer to-do lists across the country, and many of them will involve improvements to the exterior of the home. Unfortunately, many of these same improvements will need to be made again in just a few years when the wood being used begins to show signs of damage or decay. To avoid having the reinvest the time and money for the same repair every few years, homeowners may want to explore substituting composite decking instead. 

Composite decking withstands exposure to water and the elements

Composed of recycled materials that are tightly compressed and treated to resist moisture and exposure to inclement weather, composite decking will not fade, chip, splinter, or decay like real wood products. These qualities make it the perfect choice for patios, decks, pool surrounds, and other outdoor areas. 

Composite decking eliminates the risk of wood splinters and damage from wood boring insects

For those who have young children or just like going barefoot, the risk of splinters and cuts from sharp edges and the nails used in wooden decks, railings, and surfaces is very real. In addition to being painful, splinters and cuts of this type can result in scarring and infected wounds that take a long time to heal.

Replacing wood with composite decking can remove the risk of splinters and greatly lessen the risk of cuts because it is assembled with screws that will remain flush with the surface, instead of working loose over time. 

In addition, composite decking also resists boring insects, such as carpenter bees, termites, and ants, which can cause serious damage to real wood. 

Composite decking may make your home more valuable when you sell

Homeowners who are renovating their home with the intention of selling it will be happy to know that home buyers view composite decking materials as a beneficial improvement. When composite decking materials are already in place, prospective home buyers know that they will not be faced with costly repairs and renovations to these areas of the home.

In fact, in some locations, the use of composite decking materials may even add real appraised value to your home. To ensure that prospective buyers are aware of the composite decking used in your home, homeowners will want to ask their listing agent to include this information in marketing materials. 

To learn more about composite decking and the benefits it can provide for homeowners, contact a building products supplier in your area. Composite decking comes in many different colors, textures, and sizes, making it easy for homeowners to complete beautiful, long-lasting home improvement projects.