Storing Fabric When You Have So Much

If you are constantly making things with fabric, you might find that your fabric can get a little out of control. Without good storage practices and organization, you may find it difficult to find the fabric you need and your fabric might not remain in good condition. 

Skirt Hangers

One way to store your fabric is to use skirt hangers. These allow for your fabrics to be put out of the way and let you use space that you otherwise couldn't use.


Get some bookshelves and use them to store your fabric. The individual shelves can be used to separate different types of fabric, so you can retrieve what you need more quickly. Also, having your most-used fabrics at eye-level will make it easier to retrieve them.

Cardboard Boxes

If you have any cardboard boxes that you don't need anymore, rip them up and wrap your fabric around individual cardboard pieces. This will make it much easier to pull out the fabric you need.

Plastic and Wire Crates

Plastic crates can help keep fabrics organized, and you will have an easier time seeing the fabrics that you're looking for. If you are short on space, just slide a crate under your bed. Another alternative is to use wire crates, which also allow you to see which fabrics are in the crate and also allow your fabrics enough air circulation to avoid getting moldy.

Crafting Kits

There are some containers designed specifically for fabrics that come with sliding drawers, and that can be guided on wheels. These containers can also be used to store other tools for crafting, such as needles and thread. 

CD Racks, Magazine Racks and Filing Cabinets

If you have a box with slots for CDs, check to see if the slots are big enough to hold your fabric. These types of boxes can be handy because you can easily identify each type of fabric. If you have a magazine rack but do not order very many magazines anymore, this can be repurposed to hold fabric. If you have unused drawers in your filing cabinet, this can also be an extra place to store fabric. 

Baskets for Scraps

You'll likely have scraps left over that can be used for various purposes. Have a basket to toss scraps in. Also, make sure to know when it is time to throw scraps away if you'll likely never use them.

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