Remodel Options To Update Your Bathroom Space

Your home's bathroom gets a lot of use and wear and tear over the years. But when it starts to look a bit shabby but not chic, consider remodeling your bathroom with some new fixtures and furniture. Here are some options for you to consider when you choose your bathroom remodel items and upgrades.

Select the Cabinetry

The cabinets you choose and install in your bathroom can really make a difference in the appearance of the room. Bathroom cabinets below the vanity are a good way to provide extra storage for your bathroom but can also be a focal point in your new decor.

You can choose from cabinets that extend all the way to the floor or cabinets that sit upon pedestal legs that leave a space below the cabinets. And, look for additional storage cabinets that you can install on the wall above the toilet or vanity.

When you update your cabinets, make sure you select a color and style that will remain timeless for years and through any future remodels. To do so, you can select a white, cream, or off-white color of cabinet. This color will go well with most decorating palettes and will also make your bathroom space appear larger. And light-colored cabinets reflect light and will naturally brighten the room.

Look for a Coordinating Countertop

Once you have chosen the cabinets to sit in your bathroom to provide storage, you need to select a countertop to go with your vanity or to sit atop the cabinets. For example, you can look for a countertop made of marble, quartz, or other similar stone or a surface of polished concrete to give your bathroom an edgy style. 

You can also look for a sink basin made of the same material the countertop is made of and sits seamlessly inside the sink area. Whatever your preference, just be sure you select a countertop and sink basin material that will coordinate with your vanity and cabinets.

Finish With Hardware

Just as the number of styles for your cabinetry and countertop can be limitless, the variations of hardware you can use to accentuate your new bathroom can be equally numerous. For example, you can choose from brushed nickel, dark gunmetal, oil rubbed bronze, and black. 

Try various hardware choices by setting them in front of your cabinet and countertop to find one that works well in coloring and look. This will help you to find one that works before you make a final decision.