3 Stone Countertop Choices For Your Kitchen

If you are in the market for a new countertop in your kitchen, stone is the natural choice. Stone provides durability and a classic look that complements many different types of kitchen design.The following are a three stone choices to consider for your kitchen.


Quartz countertops are considered stone countertops, but they aren't natural stone countertops. This is is because the countertops are made by combining quartz granules with resin. The finished product looks like natural stone, but it affords some benefits.

The finished product is extremely durable, able to withstand searing heat and stains. Quartz also doesn't require sealing, since the resin ensures there is no porosity. This lack of porosity also makes the countertop resistant to bacteria. A quartz countertop also provides you many options in appearance. You can have a solid color counter or one that emulates the patterns and shading of granite. The main drawback is cost, as a quartz countertop can cost more than other stone options.


Granite is the natural choice for many homes, as it's classic appearance and functionality has stood the test of time. Further, granite can fit a variety of kitchen designs, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Heat is no match for granite, since this stone is both heat and crack resistant. The main drawback is the material's porosity, which can cause it to stain easily. Fortunately, you can avoid stains with an annual application of granite sealer. Granite can also be chipped, especially along the edges, so some care is required to avoid damage.


Marble is considered a classical option, bringing to mind luxury and elegance. Every counter is different as the pattern of swirls and play of light varies on every stone. You can find marble in classic white, or you can find counters with hints of blue, green, black, brown, and even red.

The main benefit of marble is its unique appearance. The stone is softer than other options, so it is more likely to stain or chip. Protection must be used so that hot items don't discolor the marble. Much like granite, marble is more durable -- at least against stains -- if you have it regularly sealed. If you have a low-traffic kitchen and want something different, marble can be the best choice. Just be prepared to provide some extra care.

For more help, contact a stone countertops showroom in your area. They can show you all the options that are available.