What You Need For A New Fireplace

If you have just recently purchased a new fireplace for your home, then you will need to get a few fireplace accessories. Whenever you're planning on having a live fire in your home, there are things that you will need to have on hand. Unlike an artificial fireplace where you won't have to deal with fire or smoke, a real fireplace presents a variety of problems. In order to handle these problems, there are a few things you will need to purchase. Here is a breakdown of the essentials you should get.


When you are planning on creating a fire, you will need something to start it. Some people use rolled-up newspaper; however, that can be problematic because newspapers can flare up and drift out of the fireplace. This will create a dangerous situation. So, what many people end up using is something called fatwood. These are small pieces of wood that are treated with a liquid that makes them highly flammable. You can light them and use them as kindling and help the larger logs catch fire. They won't drift into the air in the same way that newspaper will, so they are much safer.

An Ash Bucket and Shovel 

Whenever you are going to be burning firewood, you are going to end up with ash. The problem you will encounter is how to deal with that ash. It's hot, and you cannot simply toss it into your garbage can because that would be a fire hazard. So, what you will need to do is get an ash bucket and shovel. This will let you clean out the fireplace and store the ash until it is cool and you can dispose of it properly. 

A Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen cover is important because it prevents small particles of burning wood and ash from escaping the fireplace. When a fire is raging on a cold, winter night, you want to be sure that no small embers accidentally drift out of the space. An errant ember can fall onto your carpet and later, when you are asleep, it might create a fire. A screen will catch anything escaping. They are generally made of a fire-resistant metal mesh. 

A Wood Holder

You also want to have somewhere to store your firewood. You can't just keep it on the floor next to the fireplace because that will leave the floor dirty. Instead, what you need to do is have somewhere you can store that firewood. A metal firewood holder is great. You can get a small one that can sit next to your fireplace and have all of the logs ready for when you need them.