Tips To Give Your Home Curb Appeal

If you want to have a house that makes people stop and stare, boost its curb appeal. With a few simple upgrades, you can give your home a polished appearance that will make you the envy of your block. Read on for tips on making your house look as beautiful outside as it is inside. 

Clean It Up

Mildew stains and ground-in dirt can make your house look less than perfect. To boost your curb appeal, rent a pressure washer and wash down the sidewalk in front of your house. While you're at it, clean your siding and roof. If your house has chipped paint on it, give it a new coat. If you don't want to take on an annual painting chore, consider covering your home with vinyl siding. 


Add some decorative pieces to give your house some visual interest. A seasonal wreath hanging on your door will add a splash of color to the house. Collect a few planters on your porch or steps and fill them with brightly colored flowers. Add a decorative mailbox. Decorative mailboxes give homeowners the opportunity to add a little personality to their house. Decorative mailboxes come in a variety of designs, from fun to sophisticated. 

Add Seating

Adding a couple of decorative chairs and a small table to your porch or hanging a swing from your porch overhang will make your home look beautiful from the outside. If your porch isn't large enough to hold a seating area, consider putting a couple of lawn chairs on the lawn. 


Giving bushes a trim, cutting and edging the lawn, and weeding flower beds will give your home a neat and tidy appearance that will boost your curb appeal more than any other thing you can do. It's a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade. 

Add Color

Consider adding brightly colored shutters to your home or painting your door a vibrant shade that complements your house's paint color. By adding a bright color to these small areas, you'll make the house look attractive without adding an overwhelming amount of color. These areas also are small enough that they can be repainted any time the homeowner needs a change. 

Add Lighting

Lighting around the home boosts curb appeal at night. Swap out your standard porch light for a beautiful fixture. Add lights to the flower beds so that your landscaping is illuminated at night. Add some low lights to the area around your home's front walkway to make it look inviting to passersby.