3 Exterior Upgrades That Can Make A Big Impact

When you are building a new home or you are sprucing up your existing home, you may think that the only things that matter are on the inside. Although you may spend the majority of your time on the interior of your house, the exterior roof of your house is what will make the biggest impact on people who are driving by. In addition to choosing the right exterior paint color and finish (siding, stucco, or brick), there are a few accessories that can really enhance the overall feel of your home's exterior as well. 

1. The Gutters

Every roof needs gutters to help direct water away from the home's foundation and into the lawn or the street. While traditional vinyl or aluminum gutters can do the job, they are not going to make a statement quite like copper gutters. Copper gutters are a beautiful choice if your budget permits because as they age, they will naturally develop a patina which will turn them from an orange color to a green color. When you talk to a gutter company about copper gutters, they will show you the different shapes of gutters that they have including ones that are square and ones that are rounded and cylindrical. 

2. The Door Hardware

When you pick out a new front door or have your existing one repainted, don't forget to think about the door hardware that you are going to put on it. Your door hardware can either make or break the entire look of your door. With so many unique and custom options out there, you can choose a doorknob and lock that go well with your copper gutters and the entire exterior of your home.

3. Awnings

Having a metal roof awning over your front door or some of your windows is something that will add a bit of architectural dimension and interest to the overall exterior of your home. Whether you choose an awning that's made out of a copper roof, a tin roof, or even that has some fabric on it, having that bit of dimension that extends outside of your house will really add character to your home. 

The exterior of your home is definitely worth investing in as a homeowner. Although these upgrades may be a bit expensive, they can definitely help you enhance your home's curb appeal overall. To learn more about these updates, reach out to some companies near you today.