Are You Making Some Changes In Your Kitchen Area?

Have you decided to make some changes in your kitchenware? If so, do you already know just what you'd like to do in order to give your kitchen a nicer look? It might that you're still looking for ideas. If that's the case, from a major change like buying a new kitchen door with a retractable screen to changing the decor in the kitchen, here are some ideas that might help you. [Read More]

2 Home Treatments for Removing Old Water Stains from Your Hardwood Floor

If you have an old, noticeable water stain on your home's hardwood floor, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to remove it, or at the very least, reduce its appearance. If so, below are a couple of treatments you can try using ingredients you may have already have in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator. 1.  Treat the Stain with Vinegar and Oil This first treatment method for removing water stains on your hardwood floors using a combination of white distilled vinegar and olive oil. [Read More]

3 Steps To Take After Buying A Home In A Hurricane-Prone Area

Living on the coast is often a wonderful move for many homeowners. After all, you get to enjoy the ocean breeze and views, dine on fresh seafood, and possibly even buy a boat to get as much time on the water as possible. Unfortunately, many coastal homes are also in areas with a high risk of hurricanes. This isn't something to be consumed with anxiety about, but it is something to prepare for. [Read More]

3 Things That Can Hurt Your Awnings

Well-placed awnings can create an ample source of shade and shelter. Unfortunately, not all awnings are meant to endure the rigors of seasonal changes or the perils of poor upkeep, which is why watching out for potential causes of trouble is so important. Here are three different things that can hurt your home's awnings and what to do to prevent future trouble.   1. Poor Tree Care Over time, trees can become overgrown, diseased, or riddled with pest infestations. [Read More]