How To Care For Your Generator Between Emergencies

It's great to have an emergency generator at your disposal. There's a certain peace of mind that comes with being able to weather a storm and know your perishables will make it through unscathed. However, many people forget that your generator needs care between emergency situations. By knowing how to care for your generator between emergency situations you'll ensure your generator starts up in your moment of need. Start It Up [Read More]

Which Type of Water Filter Should You Buy?

If you were asked how safe your tap water is right now, would you know what to say? Many people don't realize that their city's water is not as safe to drink as they might think. Water often contains lead, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants. If you realize that you don't your water as well as you think you do, purchasing a water filter might be your next step toward a healthier future. [Read More]

Falling For Fabric: How To Select Fabrics For An Autumn Landscape Quilt

Creating a landscape quilt is a fun way to transform your favorite scene from nature into a lasting piece of quilted art. Autumn is the perfect season to borrow a scene from. Fall fabrics typically hit the shelves during mid-summer months, and you will find plenty of fall-inspired fabrics to choose from when you visit your local fabric store. Choose your inspiration What scene grabs your attention when you think about fall? [Read More]

Create Shade For The Outdoor Dining Area Of Your Restaurant With An Awning

If you want to create additional dining space for your restaurant, consider adding a patio to the side or back of the building. Outdoor seating is very appealing to many diners and does not cost a lot of money to create. When you create the outdoor dining area, you need to be sure that you create shade for your guests. A great way to create shade is with an awning. The following guide provides you with tips to use when choosing what awning you want to have installed over your outdoor dining area. [Read More]