3 Exterior Upgrades That Can Make A Big Impact

When you are building a new home or you are sprucing up your existing home, you may think that the only things that matter are on the inside. Although you may spend the majority of your time on the interior of your house, the exterior roof of your house is what will make the biggest impact on people who are driving by. In addition to choosing the right exterior paint color and finish (siding, stucco, or brick), there are a few accessories that can really enhance the overall feel of your home's exterior as well. [Read More]

How To Stage Your Newly Designed Bathroom For Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best places to market yourself, your talents, or your business. If you just finished designing your bathroom, then why not show it off online?  The last place you probably saw yourself taking pictures and posting them on Instagram is your bathroom, but good design speaks for itself. With so many people logging into Instagram for inspiration, you can miss out on a serious opportunity to gain more followers if you don't take some high-quality pictures. [Read More]

What You Need For A New Fireplace

If you have just recently purchased a new fireplace for your home, then you will need to get a few fireplace accessories. Whenever you're planning on having a live fire in your home, there are things that you will need to have on hand. Unlike an artificial fireplace where you won't have to deal with fire or smoke, a real fireplace presents a variety of problems. In order to handle these problems, there are a few things you will need to purchase. [Read More]